Chris’s civil engineering background has led him to specialise in the procurement of goods, works and services in the transportation, water and power sectors; in particular on behalf of international financing institutions, such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Asian Development Bank TA-9154 aze: Railway Sector Development Program

Baku, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Railways CJSC April 2018 to date

'Technical advisor to aze Railways for procurement of works and services'

Working closely with ADY PIU staff, and following Asian Development Bank (ADB) Procurement Guidelines:

  • Prepared Bidding Documents for the procurement of Design, Supply and Installation Works for Rail Track Rehabilitation (Including Structures) of Yalama- Sumgait Line.
  • Prepared Terms of Reference and Request for Proposal for Consulting Services for engineering and construction supervision for rehabilitation of track along Yalama- Sumgait corridor.
  • Provided advice and support during bid process for works and services including responding to questions from bidders, pre-bid meetings and site visits, evaluation of bids and proposals, and drafting of contracts.

World Bank Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP)

Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu PAIP TFSU administered through Tonga Airports Limited September 2012 to date

'Procurement Specialist for Technical and Fiduciary Services Unit (TFSU)'

As Periodic Procurement Specialist provided operational procurement services, advice, and support to the TFSU and PAIP/PASO stakeholders, and undertake procurement of all facets of PAIP/PASO investments, following World Bank Procurement Guidelines for Goods, Works, Services and Non-Consulting Services. This includes:

  • Undertaking procurement activities.
  • Procurement Capacity Building and Training.
  • Support the Development / Updating of Procurement Support tools and Reporting.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project

Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) June 2009 to date

'Design, procurement and construction supervision of the US$ 2.7b Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project comprising a new bridge approximately 6.15km long, approach viaducts and major river training works.'

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge Design Project comprises a new fixed crossing of the Padma River in Bangladesh, which will consist of a new bridge approximately 6.15km long, approach viaducts, major river training works, approximately 12km of approach roads and bridge end facilities, including toll plazas, service areas and offices. The main bridge is to carry a highway, future rail and other facilities including gas and communication lines. Various roles during the design, procurement and construction phases of this project including:

  • Contracts Engineer responsible for preparation of Bidding Documents for the procurement of the five civil works contracts
  • Main Bridge (MB-01), River Training Works (RTW-01), Janjira Approach Road and Associated Bridge End Facilities (AR-01), Mawa Approach Road and Associated Bridge End Facilities (AR-02) and Service Area 2 (SA-02).
  • Project Manager responsible for procurement of US$ 2.7 billion worth of works contracts.
  • Senior Contract Specialist responsible for evaluation of claims submitted by the Main Bridge (MB-01) and River Training Works (RTW-01) Contractors’; preparation of draft Variation Orders for both contracts; and assisting KEC, Engineer and Employer with contractual advice in relation to engineering decisions.

Melamchi Diversion Scheme – Project Management Consultant (PMC)

Nepal Melamchi Water Supply Development Board (MWSDB) October 2005 to October 2009

'PMC Team Leader, Contracts Specialist and Engineer to the Contract Adit Access Roads Subproject on the US$ 328 million Melamchi Diversion Scheme will divert water from the Melamchi Valley to the Kathmandu Valley by way of a 26km tunnel to alleviate chronic water shortages.'

Various roles during the design, procurement and construction phases of this project including:

  • PMC Team Leader provided ongoing advice to MWSDB on technical and institutional issues and managed the PMC team of both international and national specialists.
  • As Contracts Specialist worked with Tunnel Specialists to update bid documents for the tunnel civil works contract, including bringing them into line with ADB Standard Bid Documents. Assisted MWSDB with procurement of tunnel contract including site visit and pre-bid meeting, and evaluation of bids as a member of Bid Evaluation Committee including preparation of Bid Evaluation Report.
  • As Engineer to the Adit Access Roads contract carried out assessment of claims and provided contractual advice to MWSDB and the site team.

Munda Airport Emergency Alternate Status (EAS) Project

Solomon Islands New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Aid Programme July 2016 to February 2017

'Principal Adviser (Procurement) and Engineer to the Contract for the upgrading of Munda Airport in the Solomon Islands to Emergency Alternate Status.'

To allow Munda Airport, West Georgia, to be certified for Emergency Alternative Status (EAS) for Honiara Airfield, the following additional works were required:

  • Construction of a new perimeter security fence that meets ICAO and NZCAA Advisory Circular requirements;
  • Design specified components, manufacture / supply, install and commission complete new airfield ground lighting (AGL) and navigational aids (NavAids); and
  • Construction of a complete new Airport Rescue Fire Fighting building including procurement of two Cat 6 fire trucks.
  • As Principal Adviser (Procurement) during Phase 2 was responsible for finalising contract documents for all three works contracts based on the NZS3910:2003 Conditions of Contract. As Engineer to the Contract was responsible for the supervision of the works through the site based Engineer’s Representative and dealing with all contractual matters.

Pacific Renewable Energy Investment Facility (formerly Pacific Renewable Energy Investment Program)

Nauru GHD New Zealand Ltd. for the Asian Development Bank June 2018 - ongoing

'Procurement Specialist responsible for the preparation of bid documents and evaluation of bids for a solar PV project comprising a 6MW solar farm and 2.5MWh/5MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).'

The scope of works for this project is to determine the power demand in 2020, determine what level of solar will provide 50% renewable penetration and provide a plan to achieve this. Responsibilities include:

  • Conducting a project procurement risk assessment (PPRA);
  • Preparing bid documents for geotechnical and topographical survey investigations;
  • Developing cost estimates for input to financial analysis and Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE);
  • Preparing Project Procurement Plan;
  • Provided inputs to Report and Recommendation to the President (RRP) and Project Administration Manual (PAM);
  • Preparing Bidding Documents for the procurement of the proposed Solar PV system;
  • Providing formal and on-the-job training to NUC on ADB procurement principles, guidelines and practices; and
  • Providing advice and support to NUC during bid process for works including responding to questions from bidders, facilitating pre-bid meetings and site visits, evaluation of bids and proposals, and drafting of contracts.