Research & Editing Services

Research Services

Having held a variety of research and university administrative roles since completing her Master’s degree in 2004, Hilary has significant experience in research methodologies, data analyses and project report writing. She has also successfully managed the writing and preparation of several substantial grant applications and project proposals.

To date, she has authored or co-authored 11 peer-reviewed articles/chapters, and over 20 technical reports or conference presentations. Her personal research interests lie in international development, education, maternal and population health across the Pacific. Most recently (2020) she worked on a project researching development work undertaken by NGOs and the Humanitarian Aid sector in Oceania.

Hilary’s full CV and references are available upon request.

Editorial Services

As a professional and accomplished editor and proofreader, Hilary has wide experience working on different types of documents adhering to specific style guides, including:

• Journal articles, book chapters
• Academic theses and dissertations
• Technical reports, case studies and reviews
• Grants applications and research proposals
• Conference presentations
• Non-fiction books
• Covering letters and CVs or Resumés
• Newsletters and email correspondence
• Web content and promotional materials

Hilary’s services include:

• Proofreading
• Copyediting
• Substantial structural editing

I do not check for plagiarism or the need for copyright permission.


Hilary checks your work for spelling, punctuation, grammar, typographical errors and consistent terminology, abbreviations, and basic formatting.


A copyediting service includes a full proofread; checks for readability, repetition, redundancy and ambiguity; assesses appropriate use of voice, vocabulary and sentence structure; ensures there is compliance with the stated style manual; and formatting consistency.

While Hilary can make suggestions as to how you can improve the clarity of your text using Comments Boxes, it is up to the author to decide whether to use these suggestions.
Optional extras include:

• Checking that all citations are listed in the reference list
• Checking consistency within the reference list, according to a specified style manual
• Cross-checking all abbreviations against the Abbreviations List and first usage protocol
• Formatting appendices for internal consistency
• Preparation of the front pages – e.g., creating a Table of Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures using headings styles, etc.

Substantial and structural editing

As a substantial editor, Hilary offers an advanced service that provides advice on how to develop a consistent structure across a document and clear and precise content to ensure the arguments are strong and logical. Working closely with a client, she can help them to produce a tighter more compelling manuscript that uses appropriate language and tone and is grammatically and topographically accurate. Eliminating obsolete, repetitive, and irrelevant information will allow authors to showcase the clarity of their arguments, reasoning and conclusions.

This service is not available to students as Hilary follows the guidelines set out by IPEd and all major tertiary institutions in Australia and New Zealand. As such, she cannot alter, or provide ideas for altering, the content or structure of a manuscript, as this will affect the integrity of the author’s arguments. While she can highlight where an argument may be weak, it is up to the student and supervisor to make it stronger.

Which service is best for me?

If English is your mother tongue and you are confident that your document is already in reasonably good shape, you can comfortably opt for the proofreading option.

If you have concerns about the structure and flow of your work, or if English is not your native language, the copyediting service would probably be best for you.

If you are not a student and intend to use Hilary’s substantial editing service, please be aware that this is a time- and labour-intensive process. As such, each assignment will be a unique negotiation.

Hilary will ask you to provide a sample of your document to enable her to assess which service will be best for you before preparing a quotation or estimate. This assessment is free of charge.

Delivery format

Hilary prefers to work from an MS Word document in Track Change to show all proofreading corrections. Comments or suggestions on phrasing, redundancy and readability, etc. are made using Comments Boxes. It is up to the author to accept or reject each edit and suggestion.

Hilary will return the track-changed document as quickly as possible within the agreed time frame in both Word and PDF format.


Research Services

Each assignment is negotiated individually.

Editing and Proofreading Services

Email Hilary a chapter or section of your work for free advice on the type of editing you require and an estimate or quotation, depending on the circumstances.

Quotes are provided for finished works. Estimates are usually provided for on-going arrangements or incomplete theses.

A maximum sum is quoted for complete documents. If the work takes less time than anticipated, you will only be charged for the actual time it took.

As a rule of thumb, for proofreading and copyediting, Hilary calculates her charges at between NZD40.00 and NZD60.00 NZD per hour, depending on the level of input required.

PLEASE NOTE: All NZ clients will be charged an additional 15% GST.

Payment and Delivery Procedures

Once work on your document is complete, Hilary will return the first half of the document in PDF format, along with the Thorn Tree Ltd invoice for the full amount due.

Details for payment into the ThornTree Ltd NZD bank account will be included on the invoice. Once the invoice has been paid in full by direct banking, your the entire document in MS Word and PDF formats will be sent to you, showing changes in Track Change and suggestions in Comments.

Thank you so much! I have submitted my revised thesis just now … great work! I really appreciate your timely help.
February 2021
Thanks for working so carefully through the revisions and being so flexible through the project and putting in the extra days to get it done!
January 2021
Hi Hilary, Thank you so much for your editing! I have submitted my thesis. I appreciate your help very much!
September 2020
Thank you Hilary. I trust your editing skills and your past excellent work on my other papers.
May 2020
Hey Hilary, Thanks again for everything. You have been kind and understanding, and your support was meaningful to me … not only professionally with my writing, but also personally. I've learned some important lessons this semester, and fully agree with your wise advice.
June 2020
Thanks Hilary, thanks so much for your help. The process has really helped us clarify our thinking on many issues that were floating around.
December 2019
That was unexpected! Thanks Hilary for all your help with writing the grant. I am learning a lot about the grant writing and submission process. [Re: substantial 2yr project grant awarded]
August 2019
Hi Hilary, Thank you so much for your response and helpful suggestions are much appreciated will help me to improve this version to make it clearer and the story flows along.
April 2019

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